Did you know that results of a study found there were over 13500 reports of Cybercrime in a 3mths period, which equals one every 10 minutes? 
Our app HackR is set in a world of white-hat and black-hat hackers. The user plays as the white-hat hacker, going to various locations helping people who have been hacked, and teaching them how they can protect themselves from being hacked again. 
Our app contains 6 levels, each teaching a different cybersafety skill such as, what information is safe to share, safe websites, what to do in cyberbullying situations, secure passwords and much more. 


Artificial Intelligence Interpreter of Auslan (AIIA)

Think of the AI Interpreter of Auslan as the google translate of Auslan. It allows two indiviudals to have a converstaion, regardless of the lanaguage barriers. There are no current innovations that do this on the market, despite langauge translate programs being available in almost every other language. Around the globe there are various teams working on similar solutions using AI to interpret sign lanaguge. However as sign language is not universal an Australian sign language version is needed. By researching the various techniques of these teams we were able to utilise and adapt their methods to generate our own Auslan version. Using exisitng technologies of Articical intelliengence and machine learning the program will be taught to recognise hand gestures, body language and facial expressions to interpret the intended message. This message will then be conveyed using a text to speech program. Ultimately, we are combining a number of preexisting technologies to enhance the life of deaf Auslan first language users. Our product is intended for smartphone use, essentially becoming an interpreter in your pocket.

Community Connect

Our app, Community Connect, creates community spaces accessible through a digital platform, to inspire connections that would not otherwise be created. Community Connect does this by
– Creating job opportunities for young people within the community
– Forming social clubs and groups based on similar interests
– Providing collective resources for the elderly, young families, and disadvantaged individuals to get support through their community
By creating sense of community, we are delivering an easy, accessible way to find human connection, which according to Maslow’s hierarchy, assists with completion of the second and third levels of basic human needs, while also providing for the other levels as well.


AEGLE – Apollo’s Exercise Game of Learning Experiences

AEGLE is an app that incorporates a range of games designed to get you moving! AEGLE utilises a reward system to motivate users to maintain an active lifestyle.  The app includes a range of games to appeal to a wide user demographic based on age, ability and interests, incorporating many themes of current popular games. The app then interacts with a range of activity equipment such as balance stones, hand weights, and balls for interactive game play.  


Our project is designed to help the deaf community to communicate with people who don’t know Auslan (Australian Sign Language). Our innovation is a glove. But this is no ordinary glove. It is a sign language sensing glove. For a deaf person to start a conversation, they can put on the glove and sign away. The sensors in their glove will then send signals to an app they have on their phone, showing in text what they are signing. They can then show the other person what they’re saying from their phone, enabling the two people to communicate.  


Talk to Hand – My Bucket’s Full

Talk to the Hand – My Bucket’s Full, is an app for people with sensory processing disorder.  Designed to help people organize themselves, feel calm and relaxed, ready to face the world. The app includes choices between
– Sensory Wake Up; activities that assist you to alert your senses and get you in the optimal zone for the day 
– Sensory Pit Stop; activities that assist you refocus and refuel yourself to stay on task 
– My Bucket; allows you to choose what sense you want to focus on and will give you activities to help desensitize it if your bucket is feeling overloaded (high), or activate your senses if your bucket is empty (low). 
– Other general activities such as drawing and calming music and games. 

Talk to Hand – Learn Auslan

Auslan stands for AUStralian Sign LANguage.  It is one of our native languages. Our app provides a fun and easy way to learn Auslan for everyone who wants to learn. It has videos, pictures, quizzes, songs and games, which are easy to access and use. The app is for people who want to learn Auslan, but don’t have time for classes, kids that may not understand a class, and the deaf community. The app starts with 6 categories: Alphabet, Greetings, Colours, Animals, People, and Families. By learning Auslan not only will you be learning one of our native languages but you will also be reducing the communication barrier between the deaf and hearing communities.